Small other suggestions for the Take Control page

Hello everyone,
Some time ago i found myself trying to tweak a bit my android phone to make it less addictive but keeping it fully functional, then i found Human Technology and saw the Take Control page and some things that i’ve found helpful were not there so i decided to share them is some ways,
i was going to send them an email to share this insights but as now i’ve seen there is this forum i’ll drop them here so we can eventually discuss them

  1. Disable all the animations done by android:
    in android it’s possible to disable the animations that are done by the OS from the developer options (home screen, the notification bar, close and opening of the apps, sometimes the loading spinners)
    It is done by enabling the developer options, and then set the properties “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” to “Animation is off.”
    This should be available for most of the android phones

  2. Use a launcher that removes completely the icons and uses just the name of the applications, i found really good AIO Launcher if configured well removing the icons and unnecessary parts, but it’s really full of launchers to use the phone less

  3. I’ve chosen a background that was “feeling” kind of flat, like with just one color but not too bright, i don’t know if this really helps but for me felt a bit better

What do you think about it?


Thanks for your suggestions (they are good ones) and welcome to the community!

The Taking Control page is part of the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) and not the Humane Tech Community (HTC). We have our own website at (though it is under-maintained). The CHT mostly do their work at high strategic levels and that page is a remnant from an earlier website version. I doubt they will update it, and they are hard to reach. But I encourage you to continue posting these and humanetech other best-practices to our forum!

Ops sorry for my lack of understanding, as their web site links directly to this forum i got confused,
anyway thanks, i’ll surely keep browsing the forum, there are so many good tips and applications;
i should also have a small app to put on the Judge My App category so i’ll put something there as well

I can understand your confusion. CHT started this forum, and are paying for the subscription. We are still closely affiliated :slight_smile: