Sailfish OS

What are your thoughts on Sailfish OS by the Finnish company Jolla?

This is the 3rd most popular mobile operating system in the world after Apple and Google. The focus is on privacy and security. Initially it has been supported by corporate users and national governments for their own uses.


I had heard about sailfish some years back but never got around to following it myself. I remember they were pushing their “Jollacloud” cloud back when they were new (Correct me if this statement is wrong).

I think Purism’s Librem phone would be a much better choice if we need Free as In Libre projects/products. I really wish I could buy a Purism’s new Librem phone (or a fariphone even) but the shipping/import charges if they send to India is high and doesn’t make sense to pay shipping/import charges if I can (hope to) secure my Android device myself with some tools…

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My 1st post here!
I was a Nokia N9 user and loved the MeeGo OS. I actually brought my old N9, charged and working like a charm, to the Jolla booth at MWC a few weeks ago, to see if I could upgrade it to the latest Sailfish OS. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone still at the booth.
Currently working for a Swedish privacy platform, Kind of like Slack in a “walled garden.” All functionality is built into the platform; news feed, chat/video/storage and notes system.
Would love to see Sailfish take off and break the current duopoly. A Sailfish OS phone, preinstalled with Brave, DuckDuckGo, Quant and Idka, it would be awesome!

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