Whatappenz: Fourth Industrial Revolution Solution

Hello everyone,

Looking forward to collaborating with anyone willing to pursue our common mission.
I’m happy to share our story with you. Sorry it’s so long but it can be complex, and it was important to make it understandable.

I’m George Linicomn Jr. founder of Whatappenz. We’re on a mission to save our planet and everyone on it from the unintended consequences set forth by the digital transformation, and the fourth industrial revolution. My project is progressing beyond expectations and It’s a pleasure to have an opportunity to explain not only our story, but the journey we can share moving forward into the future.

The Story of Us!

Our story is of our current global situation, and the choices we have to make towards our evolving future as we are currently developing a new paradigm shift. This will include the experiences from our journey, your life, and the state of humanity and the planet moving forward through the fourth industrial revolution.

“Throughout my life I’ve become aware of the gifts I have as a result of my autistic condition, these are a few of them. I’m capable of seeing the evolution of anything I’m genuinely interested in, in order to connect the dots through pattern recognition, and attracting the people necessary to help us move forward. I’m also able to envision the pathways through unforseen challenges that will direct people through these complex processes so that our future endeavors benefit everyone!”

Within the past 9 months or so I’ve been building a global team of partners, collaborators and supporters ready to take action in establishing a global movement and mobile application concept called WhatAppenz.

WHATAPPENZ – All-in-one app for the future developed through the Holochain platform.

WhatAppenz is a new form of digital connectivity, within an all-in-one mobile application. It secures your data and privacy, you own your data, you earn through your data, and you are connected to everyone, everything, everywhere.

WhatAppenz is trying to solve systemic challenges, prepare for the future after the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and empower the people like you by giving them control over their data.
This is one of the most effective ways of explaining WhatAppenz:
Imagine that you are enabled to control your online data or information in a way that instantly assigns everything you personally have to offer, want, or look for with a secured IP address attached to that data online e.g., your current location, personal profile, resume, personal property, products or services, your passions, hobbies, interest or talents. Whenever the company, people, places or things looking for what you have to offer or have what you’re looking for is available, your commonly linked data will be automatically connected, secured, then sent directly to both of you, and the other party, or assigned to resolve your situations autonomously in real time.
Examples of User Experiences:

Example 1:

A new WhatAppenz user registers as a certified mechanic offering freelance work or employee service to an authorized import car company. Notifications are automatically sent to import car shops looking to hire mechanics. Instant notifications are also sent to interested individuals willing to pay for import car service from independent mechanics in their area who are using WhatAppenz.
(Cryptocurrency can be used to make an income, pay for products and services, or used to invest in new community services from the people living in their community.)

Please visit, join and share Whatappenz.com

Whatappenz is only a concept right now, but after running a Kickstarter campaign not only will we develop Whatappenz we’ll also become your partner in advocating for the right to own your data on a global scale. Our collaboration with experienced professionals and supporters from around the world are growing to make sure this happens.

We are going directly to the people to establish a global movement, building a mobile application funded by our supporters, then redesigning both the social and technological systems of the world so that they benefit all people and the planet.

Because of the enthusiastic support and interest that’s building about WhatAppenz, we’re asking everyone to please answer the following questionnaire if you’re interested in remaining up to date about our progress. Thank you for understanding!

Please Visit WhatAppenz FB page.

Additional information for project clarification:

(WhatAppenz will enable the future that Michael and Johann are talking about in these videos.)

Can you talk about this project in terms of the elements listed here:

Especially interested in the gate-keeping capabilities you’ll develop, e.g., how will you ensure that users are kept safe and not exploited?

Thank you for asking your questions! It’s extremely important that we develop Whatappenz beyond the server based systems we’re currently using. In order to protect our individual and digital rights we all must change the way we use our data, and that begins by creating an infrastructure and platform away from those like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon who don’t want the general public having a decentralized system of ownership on your data/information that keeps tech giants, and governments in control of our lives and the trillions of dollars that should be paid to each and everyone of us.
This is essential in beginning the methodology of collective participation, educating the people, and protecting our data from those interested in gaining control over any new system built for and by the people. Please review Holochain.org
to understand why we’ve decided to develop our platform through them.

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I’ll be the first person to admit that I alone don’t have all the answers that will address everything embodied within the Humane Tech Certification checklist of Transparency, Privacy, Security, Work ethics, and Diversity. Developing an open and decentralized strategy that includes everyone is the first step in making sure this checklist is adopted by all industry sectors moving forward into the future. I do know that anyone who doesn’t agree with implementing the checklist within their organizations should not be trusted, and therefore not supported by the people. We must develop this together!

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Who gives money for your project?
What is the structure of the company and shares?

Hi Geo, thanks for asking your questions. We will be structured as a private company. No one has given any money yet, but we’ve built up enough grassroots support that is currently attracting funding interest from everyday people encouraged by our mission. In fact, I’ve been contacted by a marketing company interested in helping us find funding that works best with our projects people centered philosophy. We are and will always be people focused, so we’re not interested in obtaining venture capital funding coming from anyone not interested in establishing these requirements for future web technologies:

Privacy-respecting / privacy-first approaches

Security-first IT

Control of your own data / transparency on how its used

Standardization (no walled gardens)

Decentralization (no single parties controlling the conversation)

We’re meeting with anyone interested in helping with our early funding efforts. Early funding is essential before we begin the process of developing our kickstarter campaign that will enable us to expand building global support with the contributions of everyone interested in helping us to realistically create a better system for all.

I can always be reached at geeart1@gmail.com

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