Applying these Lessons to the 4th Industrial Revolution

At Verizon - our CEO is talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution and all the great things it can bring to the world via 5G. But if you dig deeper into this topic - you will find there is a deep concern about how some of this technology may impact our lives. I found this best described in 2 books by Klaus Schwab - who leads the Davos -World Economic Form: 1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and 2) Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Highly recommend reading these - so that we can turn the tide of technology from being controlled by it - to it being a tool we can control to better our lives. This Community seems to want to to the same and Iā€™m glad I found it thru an app and its newsletters called

I have bookmarked those book a while back while reading about education in the 4th industrial revolution. Definitely something we c an start discussing.

Thanks for making these suggestions. I had heard of the 1st one but not the latter. Will look into both.

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