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I would have posted this topic in “introduce yourself” but your interface will not allow me to post there.

My name is Justin. I am a hardcore internet addict. I looked at some of your suggestions, and personally feel they do not go far enough. Somethings I have done is get rid of my home wifi, install parental control software on my laptop to block out vast swathes of the internet, including all social media, (with the passwords being 15 chars long, randomly generated, and only recorded on paper in sealed envelopes). I also don’t have a smart phone, which was more of a late adopter thing, but has now become a conscious choice. I have found that every time I find a way to take a step back from the internet, my life gets better.

I am, however, a student, and I will have to interact with the internet for my studies and my career. Also, there are some very smart people saying very smart things on the internet, and I like to read them (I linked here from ribbonfarm). My ideal world would have a software app that allowed me to whitelist government, academic, and non profit sites, and allowed me to access e-mail and a few hand selected blogs, while effectively blocking of the internet. Parental control software allows me to block off categories (like games and social media) but my restless brain is constantly able to find new distractions. Also, it would be handy to be able to access the internet in my home, but only for boring/work study purposes.

My main reason for coming here is, to pitch the idea, for the love of god, if anyone out there is good at coding and wants to better the world, please create by category internet whitelisting software. this would be even better than the existing apps like anti social, freedom, net nanny and k9


Hi, this might help… there’s some reply button alignment difference between mobile site and desktop site.
I think it’s how discourse the forum software we use is designed, and we may not be able to change it. I get caught by this Everytime as I’m mostly on mobile and limited time in my personal laptop, so when in laptop I search for a second where the reply button is.

Can you try posting in introductions topic again and share screenshot if any error message is displayed?

@gkrishnaks this is a post that - due to the topics reorganization - has resurfaced on top of the list. The problem occurred in Feb. last year and is long solved. Sorry for inconvenience :blush:

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@aschrijver Ohhh! I didn’t notice the date of post or the “1 year later” note that appeared after I replied. No inconvenience caused.

Now I understand why “lock topic after X months” rule is provided by discourse…

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