Stripping old welcome messages from Introductions thread, or not?

For a long time, I have been sending PM’s to new users after they posted to Introduce Yourself, to keep this long thread as short as possible and make it an interesting place to scroll through the introductions of other members.

Someone (I believe it was @metasj or @Mamie) told me it was better to give public responses as @healthyswimmer is also doing (:+1: ), and I agree. But there is then also the risk it triggers off-topic discussions.

I wonder if we should go through the list and delete old welcome messages, so only the Introductions remain.


I think we can leave it as it is.

@aschrijver I totally agree and was reluctant to Keep doing this. It looks messy and not as archival. Though the archives of introductions are not exactly a place where people will sift through anyways… it’s a long long list to scroll through.

I do think we should welcome publicly so people see that all are welcome- and being welcomed personally endorses their effort to reach out to humane tech endeavors.

Maybe leave as it is @micheleminno since there is no better solution and we can digest it to consider Arnold’s points?

Maybe we can keep an eye on introductions (which we should anyways) and suggest people create topics if there is more than one post on a given introduction. We can even create the content of the “off topic” post ourselves tagging the person who had the idea to boost the person’s sense of worth on the forum. Then private messaging to say you really appreciate bringing up the topic and encourage them to do the same. Then we are not slapping people for being off topic- make sense?


Yes, sure makes sense. This is also a moderators task on other topics, when they are going off-topic. You can click the tool icon in top-right corner of the topic thread, then ‘Select Posts …’, after which each post get a ‘Select’ button. When you make a selection, then you can move to the end of an existing topic, or create a new one for these posts. When this is confusing to the user, you can follow-up with a PM.