Discussing real problems and solutions

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Then can you explain please to me what you want to achieve with this discussion board.
Because now it’s just looks like a place where people write how technology is bad, and also promoting they own projects and businesses.

I hope this site will help people worried about these problems find one another, discuss how they are trying to solve the problems for the world, and share ways they are coping in their own lives, families, schools and workplaces.

There are also cataloging projects that are already being discussed, and improve as more people contribute: identifying and clustering harms & related data; reviewing tools that help preserve attention, building reading lists and syllabi for designers and students.

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Then maybe you need to redesign the board.
I mean is just proposal.
First we need to find out the real problems that Internet bring to our society.
Do the list with problems(vote).
Than for each problem you create Topic (main folder.)
And then you go further, and create subfolders for each topic, four main discussion and ideas, and for programmers and designers ideas.

You can’t stop the progress, but you can make rules for the progress. If even couple million people(dream:slight_smile:) will stop using internet and phones, are you really think is going to stop the progress or change it.
You have so many talented people, let’s create something for real

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I really like this idea: Mapping problems in a way that matches how we have discussions (both about solutions and about how we are coping, haphazardly, in the absence of real solutions).

I’m not sure how well we can do this with Discourse formats (categories), since as you say we want a few dimensions: topic, expertise, scale/scope of solution. But let’s experiment and see what we can build to realize this. Perhaps we will find better tools & concept-maps to use, along the way.

And agreed: of course we cannot stop progress~ Let’s find ways to channel it, use it, build upon it the environments and interfaces we want.

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So let’s try to “use” community. Let’s see if here people really want to make technology more humane or they just here for money. It’s a lot of programmers here and designers, let’s ask for their help. I understand that “you” can’t pay them.
But maybe you can do some advertisements for them , like this site created by … … … I understand it’s not like real money but at least it’s something, some form of Self advertisement