This community needs more involvement from its founders!

Finding CHT was like a breath of fresh air. I was so relieved; finally someone is doing something about this obvious problem!

Getting involved with this community has been even more rewarding.

There are two sides to humane tech; the first is how designers build it. The second is how users use it. There are many software designers and tech people in this community who are working on the first problem, and CHT seems geared towards the design side of things as well. In my view, this site has all the ingredients to make progress on that second side, too. We can promote a serious change in how we interact online. We can provide a new model for humane online discussion that is infamously lacking on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

I am totally behind @aschrijver’s message in this post. CHT, you have built a small army of people who are passionate, energized, and ready to help fulfill your mission. Every advocacy-based nonprofit in the world would kill for what you have here, and you have built it almost by accident (all you really did was set up the Discourse site). We were all drawn here purely by the mission. Imagine what you can do if you incorporate this into your strategy? Please don’t let all this energy and enthusiasm for your cause go to waste!


Agree, wholeheartedly cosign. At least you heard back from Tristan. I replied to the volunteer form way back when, heard nothing.

I don’t want to be pessimistic about it, but I think this is par for the course for wealthy people trying to get famous as public intellectuals. We might ought consider that Tristan and Robert already have what they want — social capital to get paid speaking fees to do private-TED talks to their peers. Tristan doesn’t come off as a revolutionary, anyway.

There’s not a lot of teeth to this whole operation. Mobile apps that are like, better seems to be the beginning and end of their vision.

In short, I don’t think this community was necessarily made to involve us. Like much of our Hypernormalized world, assembling here is another means of placation.

But like I said… I’d like not to be cynical.


I agree as well. The mission of Humane Tech (as I understand it) is aligned with the work I’m doing and I would love to support others and get support for human-healthy technology (and ways to be healthy in a technological world).

Especially as the issue is becoming a part of public discourse at the moment, it feels like we need opportunities to move forward together, either by leadership from the founders, or by being empowered to take more collective actions. (This would require some unification in mission and goals-- again, leadership is important!)

If there is a plan in the works, or even no plan, it would be helpful to have more transparency to understand what the thought process going on might be. Thanks!

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I just wrote a message to Tristan Harris through his website. I encourage everybody else to do the same. The best way to get a real response on this is to show him how many of us there really are who care about these issues. I used this contact form on his personal website: If anyone knows of a better way to get in touch with him, or any other CHT staff, please share.

Feel free to borrow any portion of this in your own message to him or any other CHT staff.

Dear Tristan,

Thank you for everything you are doing to bring ethical tech design into the public spotlight.

When I read about the founding of the Center for Humane Technology earlier this year, I was blown away with excitement. I was familiar with your work before, but the creation of the CHT suddenly made it feel so much more official.

Since joining your online community at, I have spent 8 hours reading and discussing issues related to humane technology with a community of over 1,300 people from across the world. I even volunteered to become a moderator on the site. I can say without a doubt that it has been time well spent.

I challenge you to spend 15 minutes reading through the “Introduce Yourself” thread on your online community - here’s the link to make it extra easy for you: At the time of this writing, there are 318 posts from smart, talented, motivated people who were drawn to your movement because they wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing. The excitement in these posts is some of the most genuine positive energy you will find on the internet today. It’s the language of a group of people who feel they have “found their tribe”. If you have not yet read these people’s responses, I promise you it will be a good use of your time.

Tristan, this group of 1,300 and growing is energized and ready to take action. If you give them something to do, they will jump at the chance.

Everybody wants to build a grassroots movement nowadays, but so rarely do they actually emerge spontaneously. You have the foundations of a genuinely global grassroots movement, and it would be a shame if you wasted that potential by neglecting the online community where all that energy is being vented right now.

I hope you will stop by and have a look at all the people who have signed up out of concern for the issues you have spoken about in your TED talks and in the media. You won’t regret it.

Aaron Fuchs


I generally agree about some more presence from who started this movement, set up the community and so on. But I also think that Tristan Harris is not a god that we can invoke: “Please tell us what to do!”, he is only one of us. So ideas can come up from us too (there are some already there), we just have to coordinate and agree on some common principles of action, not only of critics.


I have felt something similar and I’m glad that you’ve been able to put it into words. Yes Tristan comes off like a techie and a startup guy, not as a revolutionary. Yet of course he deeply cares about the issue and about fixing it, and has done so much.

From my experiece it’s always been this way with revolutions that I’ve personlly participated in. The people in charge keep themselves distant and also connected politically and to the media, or in this case connected to the intellectual community and speaking jobs. Meanwhile the footsoldiers are well, just always footsoldiers and their opinions are typically ignored.

I understand them, that their appearance as revolutionaries would threaten their speaking, their tech industry contacts, and even threaten the entire organisation. So they’re going for a moderate route and I agree with that. However I get the feeling there will never be any teeth to their actions. While the leadership is amazingly talented, they are themselves of the menality of the tech industry itself and of US millenials. And so instead of free the world from the slavery of tech, we get “we suggest you set your phone to black and white”. Sigh.


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I think Center for Humane Technology is doing good and amazing things. But as this forum demonstrates they are not going to provide us with leadership. We need people here to step up to leadership roles and organise the community. Then the community’s options will be unlimited.


Very nicely written. Thank you. Whether or not Tristan Harris replies, you’ve articulated some guidelines for action, and that is the essential thing.

The journalistic literature on the “evils” of technology is extensive. Wired, Medium, The New Yorker, New York Times, Guardian have all published articles and opinion pieces on this topic. Wired just published an outstanding article on Mark Z. and Facebook. My only criticism of that article is that it portrays MZ as innocent of the “evils” Facebook has unleashed. I don’t accept that. However, the article also led me to CHT, which I am very grateful for.

Hi Arnold,

the current situation could be also an opportunity for self-organizing. Why do not get this as a challenge? Is it or not our aim in a digital social and economic life?
Instead of starting from a full set of aims/needs as you suggested, can we imagine to be in an emergency and choose one single point to start within the existing set of topics?




Oh yes, you are spot on @vgiorgin, and I do see this as a challenge. Its the reason that yesterday I created this topic to find out the willingness of members to take things further: Which Humane Tech topics would you like to spend your time on? :slight_smile:

Dear Founders

I propose these 10 principles like roots to go on strongly , with goals and strategies

The principles

1- Deep understand of social relationship issues
2- Focused comprehension on vulnerable behavior (*)
3- No predicting behavior and social control
4- No invasive nets to private life
5- Design with human health high standards
6- To be functional and healthy to work teams in organizations (**)
7- Business model: profit, human develop and tech-social security.
8- Open mind to a cultural awakening.
9- Open attitude to be re-designed according to healthy social trends
10-Regulated by policies that represents people interests

Next steps suggested

I think that may be necesary : a) fix annual goals, b) define strategies c) create an opening planning of activities d) share experiences and learn how to design the best environment in everywhere.

There are a lot of great ideas published here in different topics, from unplugged days…… to smart tech design……

Sure that your purpose is great.

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Hi everyone, Tristan Harris here.

We’re really sorry that we’ve not been participating actively in these forums.

The reason we haven’t participated more in the CHT Community Discourse forum is that we’ve been heads down on taking strategic action while building our capacity – recruiting, staffing, fundraising for the projects we believe will transform the dangerous incentives of today’s digital platforms. We’re a tiny group of people working immensely hard, day in and day out – and we view the risk that digital platforms pose to the cohesion of society as urgent – requiring immediate change.

Meanwhile, as I’m sure everyone is aware, this topic has burst onto the global stage. We are on a nearly exponential curve of increasing global attention since we launched CHT in February. With the Cambridge Analytica whistleblowers, and Facebook’s breach that exposed the private information of 87 million, if not 2 billion profiles, there has never been more momentum to highlight the problem, and never been more demands on our attention. We receive 50+ major media inquiries per week from all around the world. Political leaders are seeking our advice.

With only a handful of full-time staff, and given the urgency of unfolding events, we try to be extraordinarily focused on where can have the most impact. Soon, with more staff and funding, we can’t wait to engage all of us here - on Team Humanity - on our work.

The revolution is already underway, and more than ever it needs wise guidance on what a more “humane” way to build technology looks like - from business model, to design practices, to organizational culture. And in the spirit of a more “humane” way of communicating – I would like to share that I’ve had a serious personal family health emergency that’s occupied the last 5 weeks of my time. So we ask politely for your patience. We’re doing the best we can.

In the meantime, we built this community forum for you to collaborate and keep communicating while we’re tied up. We will have many exciting developments to share with you very soon!

The best thing we can do in the short-term is keep up the public pressure on these issues. We learned in the Congressional hearings with Facebook, Google and Twitter last November that that public attention was a major lever in creating significant new commitments to change their policies.

Thank you so much for all your energy and support and for being part of this movement.


Thank you so much Tristan!

I understand the true scope of the problem statement now, as well as its urgency. This community is here to help, and we will continue to raise awareness and attract more people to the cause!

PS I am very sorry to hear about your personal situation, and hope and pray that it will improve soon!

I’ve been thinking this way the last day or 2. I’m okay not going on Facebook, but signing it off all together without a way to be in touch with all those people? It’s kind of like an address book… On another note- if there was only a way to connect without being outed on social media. In real life at least one can walk away and join others- social media has a pervasive way of outing people.

@ healthyswimmer That is why we need a better social media alternative or genuine competitors. A monopoly like facebook would not change meaningfully. Facebook is like the Stardard oil monopoly of early 20th century. Remember what happened when it was broken and competitors were in place and its consequences. Society as a whole was the beneficiary.Today this is a global issue because of the global reach of social media and its consequence.

Hi Tristan, Alfredo here

Thank you very much for your words

First of all I`ll pray for your health family situation and hope improve soon.

I am so interested in this movement and I agree this is a highlight opportunity. The world focused attention on what is going to happen from now and on.

I feel that from now the revolution is not going to stop, focused attention was increasing last weeks in an exponential way.

Like you said, we are here to give support and shout to the world that there is another way to design and use technology, a healthy one.

There is a new awakening

Thank you for lead this great movement

I have copied Tristan’s message to a separate topic: Attention: Announcement and welcome message by Tristan Harris, co-founder of CHT!

With that said, I will now close this thread.

One more thing: Please everyone read the topic titles before posting, so discussions stay ON-TOPIC! Otherwise we’ll need to be more strict in moderating. Thank you :slight_smile:

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