Thesis feedback: Future concepts of Online Marketing in a world of decreasing Social Media acceptance

Hey guys, my name is Nico and I am a student from Germany.When I first read about this movement I was thrilled to learn more about it and it also was the iniatiative why i decided on my thesis topic I have to write as a last university assignment.

My topic is "future concepts of Online Marketing/ Social Media Marketing with regards of the decreasing acceptance of chosen social media platform(s).

For this I am planning to conduct expert interviews with marketing managers and how they see the changes and how they will adapt to the growing target audience.

So I was hoping maybe somebody in this discussion group can share his or her opinions about it and provide me with some input/ ideas. I am struggling a bit to find valid sources/ literature to quote.

Looking forward to some replies under this topic, anything is much appreciated! Have a great weekend and kind regards from Berlin/ Germany :slight_smile:

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Hi Nico,

If you are looking for marketing managers in social media, then Hacker News (hosted by the startup incubator of Silicon Valley) could be a good source. There are plenty of social media-related threads and discussions there, that are of high quality. Use the site’s Search function. For a bunch of users you can find contact details in their profile.

For our community it would be most interesting to know what you want to investigate in terms of Humane Technology and provide some more detailed info on that.

Also change your topic title to make it more descriptive, so it attracts more attention.

Good luck with your work!

Hey there!

Thanks so much! This is already a very helpful source. I will keep you posted once I found out more about!

Have a great start to the new week and kind regards from Berlin!

I have changed your topic title. It is still a bit long to my taste (prefer shorter titles in this forum), so if you can improve it, be my guest :slight_smile: