The Disconnect: offline+digital media

The Disconnect is a magazine coming out this year with a twist: it won’t let you read it unless you’re disconnected from the network. How else can we calmly create negative feedback loops reminding us when we’re overconnected, encouraging us to focus?

HT to Alex who pointed it out and is a contributor to it’s inaugural edition.


Thanks @metasj ! This magazine should be launching any time now. Here’s hoping it will be a success, and an ‘offline’ digital magazine will become a thing.

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Congrats Alex! Looking forward to seeing it

Here it is!


That’s really charming. I’d love to see more hacks like this. (My kindle works that way a bit for me.)

It is beautiful @Alex and a great initiative!! Thank you!

Super idea Alex. Good luck with the launch!

What an interesting / compelling idea, Team Disconnect. I’ve shared it with my colleagues here at The Christian Science Monitor, where I work.

Has anyone else seen media companies that do a good job driving toward focus rather than distraction? I’d love to get some other examples to spur our thinking in this way.


Just finished reading the first issue. Thank you for doing this. What a fascinating concept. It’s facilitating a meditation on the content. Beautiful.

Are you taking submissions for future issues?

That is very refreshing. Insisting that people focus on the one thing they are doing, especially when the one thing is enjoying art, is a great approach.

Yes, we sure are! Head over to and check out the Submissions section. It’s open until April 9th

hey David! i created The Disconnect and would love to chat with you more, if you’d be interested. I’m interested in talking with folks inside of big players in media, like CSM