The Big Bang of the cultural awakening

We are talking to create a cultural awakening
What CHT said on February seems to be a very long far away goal
But things are going quickly , more than many of us can suspect
So , I`m sure to say the cultural awakening in now here

In consequence I was thinking how to be aware.
Surely nobody knows , but we can feel and see some clear trends
If thats right , were in conditions to go some steps ahead to help the trends be stronger.

So I will use for this purpose the image of the Big Bang of the Universe

1-The Big Bang has just happened , a cultural awakening:was created

2-After that, in very first moments of the extremely dense and hot young universe, the elements were striking in a chaotic way , and in the chaos changing , closing and turning to groups of material.

3-In the next step the first stars lightened and begun to make it clear and attractive everything

4-The first stars grew up and with its force make gravity campus of energy

5-The Big Bang is still working creating material and life

6-The Big Bang created not only the space it created also the time

7- The Universe originated in the Big Bang is occuping all the space and all the time

After this simplified story , I supect we are in 2nd step or nearest between the first and the second one

This cultural awakening is right now out of our control, and that`s good
We now need to understand it , to flow with it , and to go ahead to see the midday

We must be careful , the universe grows at the fast speed in the begining

Basic contents of the cultural awakening (From the Keys…)

1- How to avoid risks in privacy information
2- How to protect and strengthen your self-esteem
3- How to prevent tech-addiction
4- How to obtain a strong emotional health
5- How to prevent unnecessary erosion in relationships

And I add ,to be really free , very free to put the things at our service and no more the people at their service.

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This is good, Alfredo. Thank you for writing it.

I like the Big Bang as a metaphor for cultural awakening, and I’m glad you’re pointing out we’re in the first stages of this event.

Yes , Patm , I remember Tristan words “The best thing we can do in the short-term is keep up the public pressure on these issues”
So , the idea of expanding in time and space comes to me , and 'cause of that inspired mi the idea of a Universe expanding.
In the begining is only an invisible point , but explodes with exponential speed.
From Cambridge Analytica stuff to now , you can see the speed of the events
Now our central purpose , that in February was not in the news , now I can see in not only in the news , but in the Goverment, in the regulations…in the school, in the streets.
The Universe has its higher speedy in the begining, so I think in that point we are.
It`s very important to me your and other people feed-back , 'cause in some days my brain is in eruption, but I don’t in cases what to do

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Thank you Patm
Yes , I take your feed-back , so I will going deep on this point
If people interests on this topic and in others , I suppose we must carry them on.
I think this topic have contacts with Who does technology we are ? , where I found great concepts

You can think these are a week end -free of tasks- words.
Yes, they are.
But like the weekly activity, we need to rest, just to stop, to make it possible a healthy mind,
And just to the more important thing: have a plenty life for you and for people around to you.

The great concept created by CHT the “Cultural awakening”, as each great concept in human history, moves great attitudes if there are people with an open mind and a sensible heart.

From the beginning of Internet to a few months ago, tech companies created a new world wide way of communication and it produced a change with few parallelisms in the all human history.

Since those days to a few months ago, tech companies run to improve and improve their products and services. But always in the same way and direction: to make it better and useful.
It was much of the same way during a very long time.

Probably since Internet became massive, this is the first deep and global change.
Now and here, I think that CHT is creating again a great global change, but this change is deeply different.

We are looking for influence not only to improve products to make them more functional or attractive.
No, in this deeper level, CHT is producing a change of concept.
Not simply new products, but products according to human being.

This is not one more step in the same path since Internet begun
There is a stairway to a new highway,a n ethical, healthy and humane one.

The Big Bang is going on; probably we are reaching the 3erd step in my metaphor presentation

How plenty you can feel when you’re pursuing good purposes!
And how better you feel if you are putting these purposes in action. !
And how even better you feel if you are not alone!

Great reasons calls great movements, great movements calls great attitudes

Keep on walking together

Just as the three Rs—reading, writing, and 'rithmetic—are taught in schools, we might need three Rs in order to counter the toxic effects of Internet use. I suggest

  • Reclaim your attention and give it to your friends and loved ones.
  • Resist attempts to get you to stay on social media.
  • Reaffirm your commitment to your health and the well-being of your community.

Smart points you suggested @patm.
I think is very useful to creat this kind easy reminders …RRR.
Sure the ideas are strenghten here , so it is possible to arrive to simple and summary concepts.
Going on this path , I think there will be possible to build this simple and powerful ideas from now and on. Is co
Keep on using this metaphor…and looking for its update …I suppose we are reaching the 4th step…

The dialog, the common thinking , and a little bit of collaboration is generating this.

The Big Bang is beginning to claim for his 5st step…just create…

Hope this is close to happen

Have a great day for everybody

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I really like this. Reclaim, resist, reaffirm.

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