Social Media Distancing in times of COVID-19

I’ve been writing this series on how we can take advantage of the current pandemic to create a more healthy relationship with our digital algorithms. I’d love your reactions to it:

You’ll find some ideas familiar (in hope of furthering the common cause), and I also hope that there are some new and complementary ones in the different articles as well. I’m glad for any reaction, reflection, advice, or feedback on these very diverse issues

Thanks for your input!

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Welcome to the community, Martin! These are very well written pieces, and entertaining reads too. I found the text comprehensive and insightful. And accessible for a broader public, for whom there can’t be enough education about the issues at hand. Thank you for writing this down, and making us aware of it :slight_smile:

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Hi Martin! Your article provided me with many moments of reflection. The current scenario is an unbelievably complex one to investigate. Please allow me to add more complexity to it. All the variables you mentioned in your article have replicas in each one of the millions of geopolitical and economic micro-environments on our planet. So, in my opinion, not even our best supercomputers can predict with accuracy what is going to happen in the post-pandemic and post-digital era that follows.

Thanks for this swanderl. I completely agree with you. I also think that ‘prediction’ is not what we need. We rather need vision. ‘Prediction’ is an empirical challenge. ‘Vision’ is a theoretical challenge (I talked about this in a TEDx talk once some years ago: ). But the more I think about it, it is not even ‘more theory’ which is required. I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that it is more ‘consciousness’ that is required. I talk about this in what I think is actually the most important of the four alternative “Algorithmic Exit Strategies” in the series:
Social Media Distancing 4: Human Innovation