Story Telling As the Engine of Cultural Awakening

Hello my dear community,
Cultural awakening is the first mobilizing force in the healing of our digital addiction. But what does that mean?

I believe the engine of that awakening is storytelling. We need stories that inspire the masses to walk the fine line between addiction and necessity. We need to spark self-restraint by telling stories about what is to be reclaimed. We need to convince the public that digital health is worth the struggle by sharing our own experiences of healing.

Here is my story… In 2017 I walked alone from Washington D.C to Los Angeles to research phone addiction. I walked 20-30 miles everyday, slept in people lawns and interviewed people about their relationship to technology. Ironically, I was addicted to my own device for most of the journey. It wasn’t until the desert that cell service went out and I was left in the silence to practice what I preached. I found that beyond distraction life is far more rich and exciting that our digital media could ever be. Ever since my journey I have been telling my story at high schools to inspire young people to explore life beyond the screen. (

Two days ago I released a short documentary filmed while I was in the desert at mile 2900. Stories about digital health are the engine of cultural awakening. Please watch and share this video. I think you and your communities would enjoy it.

Please share your thoughts on this idea and/or your own story.

Thank you for your attention and good work.

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This is a great idea. Stories of succesfully reclaiming digital wellbeing will be an inspiration to a lot of people and motivate people to do more and in the end achieving the real power of redemption. This can be done throught various kind of medium as long as it is effective and reach as wider audience as possible.