Teaching in Higher Ed

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day,

I’m new to the group and am a clinical social worker with another masters in Public Health. I’ve worked in healthcare for 20 years and am a lifelong student, spending much of my career in academic research while also working as a clinician. I specialize in digital marketing and healthcare compliance. I also specialize in compliance and telebehavioral health. My education comes from the University of Washington, where you would think courses on healthcare and technology would be plentiful. The opposite is true. I’ve been trying to approach departments in Public Health, Social Work, Nursing, Medicine and Psychology about creating elective courses. I have 4 degrees in total, 3 of which are in healthcare, and none offered any standalone courses on ethics at all, let alone technology and ethics. I’ve approached colleges and universities. Is anyone else trying to break through to academia? I would love to collaborate with others for curriculum creation to be used in online and in-person instruction.


Tiffany Chhuom