Tech Wise Campaign Theme: Promoting prudent technology use in child education

[This is a placeholder topic and will be filled in later as the Github proposal issue is ready]

(original location: Google Classroom- digital DNA- our kids privacy)

Github issue: Tech Wise - Promoting prudent technology use in child education

Hi @Max,

This topic is for the Campaign Theme that is related to education + children, which you’ll find interesting.

@healthyswimmer and @patm are elaborating the Theme document and define the first 2 campaigns:

  • One targeted at professionals in the field (@healthyswimmer)
  • One targeted at broader audience (@patm)
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@healthyswimmer, @patm, you could maybe go through introductions and using Search function to find teachers and others that were involved in the great ‘kids at school’ discussions we had before. Ask them to join in this campaign…

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Yes, good idea. We should do more of this kind of filtering and aggregating.

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What do you think of splitting or starting a different theme for teachers and school administrators especially? It would be nice to have teachers involved with collecting data on the harms. I’ve heard many teachers are not crazy about technology taking over their classroom.

Have 2 professional subgroups- teachers and health professionals.

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I see what you mean. If there are separate audiences for teachers and health professionals, then separate Themes would seem best. Then you get it may be best to have something like this:

  • Theme 1 - For health professionals

    • Campaign 1 - General / all health professionals
    • Campaign 2 - Specific health area, patients and/or professionals
    • etcetera
  • Theme 2 - For “Kids at school”

    • Campaign 1 - For teachers
    • Campaign 2 - For parents and kids
    • Campaign 3 - For teachers and students
    • etcetera

Would this division cut it well?

The teacher one looks perfect- this is often how school and teacher professional websites are- they have a tab for teachers and one for parents. Since there will be cross over maybe parents, then kid/teen users of technology. So really 3 for education:

  1. Teachers/administrators
  2. Parents
  3. Students with phones/devices

For healthcare- splitting it up at this point maybe be premature- and would split up important collaboration needed. Healthcare has issues (in USA) I’d compartmentalizing parts of a person based on needs and not looking at a person holistically- there are collaboration cultures as well separating specialties. I’d like to see what health care professionals do when they get together- then let the separation evolve naturally with humane tech interest.

I’m thinking a forum style is good that would be born out of the github project. separate one for education and one for healthcare. You know one that has several subtopics where people post. They have this on decease specific forums so people can explore and connect on different issues but the category is broad so people can chose what they want to talk about. Of course moderators are necessary but this one is good because it gives people the chance to engage with each other.

Sorry to be rambling here- sometimes I don’t know how to evolve ideas of github without hashing our details that may cloys up the focus.

I don’t mind the campaigns themselves, but how many Themes there should be. Want to minimize that number. The campaigns are only examples of how you could add them for different audiences.

Theme-wise there could be just the two:

  1. Tech Care —> for healthcare professionals (digital wellbeing)
  2. Tech Wise ----> for teachers, administrators, parents, kids (tech education)

Note that for everything that occurs on Github (where the details are elaborated), there are corresponding forum topics, for high-level discussions, already (see Projects & campaigns subcategory).

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@aschrijver at some point healthcare needs to educate educators on the risks in simple terms. Maybe a healthcare professional should be encouraged to post in the educators tech wise? Just thinking out loud. Getting closer to a focus, I can feel it coming.

Yes, that is a very good idea. We have healthcare professionals, like you, among our members, who can drive the campaigns and create deliverables.

Part of campaign strategy should be to make it really easy to ‘spread the word’, i.e facilitate any healthcare professional to be that educator without much preparation. Among the deliverables could be well-prepared slide decks that give the overview, insights and handholds to build on top of that. We can then publish these decks to the community website, and gradually collect more of them, diving deeper into specific areas, so as to create a structured courseware over time. Other deliverables could be to hold meetups around these topic and build feedback loops to involve the people we are educating. This would lend itself exceptionally well to crowd-sourcing, so we should make that part of the strategy as well.

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I’m in San Francisco area so close to many medical professionals- I need to connect with someone at UCSF…