Taking Legal Action - Filing Privacy Complaints against Technology Service Providers

Is there anyone on the site who has taken legal action against there technology service providers in regards to surveillance and data mining business practices?

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Check out my post on the electronic frontier foundation- it speaks of some civil rights cases.

Thank you for making people aware of the EFF.

I’ve worked with EFF in the past in regards to a project that we worked on together pertaining to the 2009 DMCA ruling that enabled consumers to unlock and flash their cell phones.

The problem I have in regards to the EFF pertaining to privacy is the fact they are heavily focused on Government Surveillance and/or “Big Brother” which is good.

However, the EFF and other privacy advocates need to focus on Corporate Surveillance and/or “Step Big Brother”.

Corporate surveillance poses a greater threat to civil liberties, privacy, cyber security, and consumer exploitation threats than programs such as the NSAs’ use of Prism (Edward Snowden).

Consumers of connected products such as smartphones may be inadvertently clicking away civil liberties such as due process and privacy when accepting the intrusive and exploitive terms of use that support connected products such as smartphones.

For example, a sate actor maybe able to acquire a smartphone user’s telecom related information by simple purchasing the information from a smartphone OS developer such as Google (android), Apple and/or Microsoft due predatory surveillance and data mining business practices employed by all OS developers concerned.

I wrote an article “Surveillance Capitalism- The Need For An Electronic Bill Of Rights” that you should review which is relevant to the EFF.

The EFF, FTC, FCC and law makers need to address Corporate Surveillance ASAP. I continue to work with the EFF but they are still not making any real attempts at addressing predatory surveillance and data mining business practices employed by data driven technology providers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants.

The fact is telecom subscribers (“paying customers”) and/or authorize device users (spouse, children, employees, etc.) are under some sort of corporate surveillance 24x7/365 via telecom products such as smartphones, tablet PCs, PCs, and connected products such as automobiles, TVs, toys, voice automate products, and the list goes on… (refer to the article for details).

Regards- Rex

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