Survey on Technology and the Family

Hi there,

I am a Product Design student currently working on a project focusing on how the family uses technology, and how it can impact the family unit for better or worse. In my research so far I have discovered that parents and children have very different relationships with technology, and I believe that this is an interesting area to design in as sometimes both adult and children do not fully understand the importance of switching off and spending quality time with one another.

With this project, I aim to design a shared experience that brings the family closer together whilst highlighting the issues that this new engagement with technology has brought along (fake news, data privacy, obtrusive engagement). I have created a survey that aims to gather attitudes and opinions around technology within the family as well as what matters most to the family, which will help me on my way to designing my final product. If anybody could fill this questionnaire out it would be greatly appreciated, and if you had any more thoughts then Iā€™d love to hear them here - thanks for your help r/AskParents!

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