Super excited: ActivityPub Conference 2020 videos are Live

The Fediverse

As you may know I am very enthousiastic about the Fediverse, the decentralized and grassroots social web.

I help maintain the Feneas research wiki for and encourage to check out the watchlists for even more Fediverse resources:

Very thrilled about the future of the Fediverse. See e.g. my post from yesterday: Spritely Project: The Super Exciting Future Of Fediverse. The fediverse is built on open standards, most importantly ActivityPub. It is here that I have more good news to tell: Despite the pandemic the ActivityPub/Fediverse developers have organized a 4-day online conference. And today the videos of the conference have been put online :smiley:

ActivityPub Conference 2020

Look at the list of videos, and watch! Very curious for your impressions and comments…