Delightful Linked Data: Curated list for linked data developers


The delightful project just launched delightful linked data.

Linked Data is relevant to Humane Technology because of its role in building the Decentralized Web, and in particular the grassroots movement we call The Fediverse that is getting ever more popular as an alternative to walled garden FAAMG-based social networks.

Delightful Linked Data is a curated list of linked data resources for developers. The primary reasons why I launched this list:

  1. The ActivityPub Fediverse and Solid Project are based on Linked Data.
  2. The power of Linked Data remains largely untapped in application designs.
  3. Linked Data plays a vital role to extend the Fediverse / Decentralized Web to new domains.
  4. Linked Data has a bad vibe in the broader development community that must be overcome.

The list is still a bit rough at the edges, but I maybe with your help it will improve rapidly :)