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We just changed the location of the event: it will now be held in Portola Valley. The new location is about 15 minutes away from the old location in Palo Alto. We’ve fully confirmed the details so the address won’t change again.

If you want to attend please email me at and I will send you the exact address.

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Anyone here wanna carpool out of the city on Saturday? :grin:

We held our first meetup at Portola Valley earlier today!

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Thanks to Will for the venue + food + moderation and Ron for the website + newsletter :metal:


Thank you Ferjohn for scheduling the event in the first place and helping coordinate everything! I also want to thank all of the participants who came today and put on a great discussion. I had a blast and learned a lot.

We are thinking of holding these meet ups once a month. If anyone wants to participate or has ideas for future events please email me at


I’m hosting a discussion about technology addiction in Palo Alto on Saturday, June 23rd from 1pm to 3pm. Here’s the Facebook event for the conversation with more details.

The discussion is being held through Civility and there are 5 spots available. If you are interested in participating you should sign up with Civility here and then click on “Interested” in the Facebook event or email about the event. You can also reach out to me directly at – I can contact Civility and let them know you’re interested.

Let me know if you have any questions about the discussion. I’m looking forward to having an intimate, in-depth conversation on tech addiction!


I’m excited to announce that we are hosting the second Bay Area Humane Tech Meet Up in Portola Valley on June 30th. The topic of our discussion will be “how can we make technology more humane?”

Please email me at or send a PM on this forum for more details and the address.


We are hosting a workshop in San Francisco for people creating humane technology projects. The event will take place on August 25th from 1pm to 4pm at App Academy. I’ve posted more details on the Humane Tech SF blog, including directions about how to sign up.

We’d love to see you all there!


We just hosted our first humane tech projects workshop in San Francisco. I wrote a recap of the event on the Humane Tech SF blog.

We’d love to have more of these events in the future – if you have ideas for our next meeting or want to participate in it please send a PM or email me at


Several members of the CHT SF Chapter are co-hosting a panel on Thursday (November 15th) in San Francisco. The event is called Reclaiming Our Minds | Social Media & The Attention Economy – it will feature 4 panelists involved in humane technology (including @andrewmurraydunn ).

The discussion will begin at 8pm and end with a Q&A at 9:30pm. Food and drinks will be provided during a networking hour from 7pm to 8pm.

If you are interested in attending, please check out our Facebook event page and buy tickets on Eventbrite. I’m also happy to answer questions about the discussion here. :smiley:

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Sorry to miss this- I have a family with commute schedule etc… to care for. I hope to contribute be recruiting a speaker from the healthcare community someday.

If somebody is going to stay in San Francisco Bay Area from December 21 th to January 4th I will be very happy to share experiencies face to face
If it is possible, please let me know it
The best for everyone

For anyone interested, Ars Technica is hosting a discussion Wed, January 9 with Ashkan Soltani next week titled ‘It’s 2019. Do you know where your personal data is right now’.

I’ll be there. Would be great to meet members of this community in person if anyone is attending.

Full details here:

It’s 2019. Do you know where your personal data is right now?


@mark this is a very important event- thanks for posting. I’ll post as a separate topic to broadcast and reach more people.

Edit: See Data Privacy event San Francisco Bay Area 1/10 - Ashkan Soltani

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Thanks! See you there?

@mark I’d love to… we’re a silicon commuting family from Marin with kiddo responsibilities so I can’t. I hear this group posts talks 2 weeks afterwards though.

I’ll try to remember to post it here if they send it round to attendees.


@mark I looked at the host’s website (which by the way they are an example of news that is wonderfully real and humane tech friendly) and they said they always post the a webcast link 2 week’s later on their website so between the 2 of us we’ll get it out to our community. Thanks again for posting- one of these seasons I’ll make it to an event!!

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@ferj @youfoundron and I are hosting another Humane Tech meeting in Portola Valley. It is taking place on Saturday, April 27th from 3 to 5pm. Food and drinks will be provided as we discuss the future of humane tech and the CHT SF chapter. We will also be announcing new group events at the meetup.

This is a free, casual event at a large private residence. In order to protect the homeowner’s privacy we are not posting the exact address publicly – if you want to attend please email me at and I will send you the address. You can also ask me questions via email or check out the Facebook event we created for the meeting. We hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


This is great, @willmattei, @ferj and @youfoundron! I just shared on my LinkedIn, the HTC LinkedIn Group, and our Mastodon account. Everyone: please give this more visibility by sharing, liking, commenting. Thank you :pray:

Hello everyone.
Any new meetups planned for the near future? Any help needed organizing such an event?

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