Restoring the art of dialogue (also a call for collaborating in NYC)

First of all, I really enjoyed meeting the fellow HumaneTech members in NYC a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful. Thank you.

I would also love to share the project that I started recently to help restore the art of dialogue. It’s called VulnerableWin, and it’s designed to teach people to talk to each other without fear, through direct experiences. It seems like there couldn’t be a better time than now to bring intelligent, benevolent dialogue back – after the social media has trained us to speak in divisive sound bites or perish.

I am also hosting a live VulnerableWin event in NYC soon (date in April TBA) and I am inviting a few of the NYC-based HumaneTech members to be presenters and participate in the exchange of stories. I think it could be very educational.

Here is the link to the live event:

If you want to participate in this of future events, please say hi.


Thank you @tessa! A powerful and compelling message on your site, and a lovely, much needed and strong concept!

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Thank you so much @aschrijver! I really appreciate the kind words. And yes, we all need to talk to one another as humans, dialogue is at the core of solving problems.

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to suggest someone to contact regarding this event, which sounds wonderful. In case it’s all right, I suggest contacting Elise Noelani Levin, a singer-actress originally from Hawaii and now living in NYC. Elise is also a strong animal-rights supporter and the daughter of one of Hawaii’s best-known artists, photographer Wayne Levin. Good luck with the event!


@patm Thank you! Absolutely, collaborations are a powerful thing. Elise is more than welcome to reach out, and I will do same.

Wonderful; I will share your link with her.

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Here is an update. The live conversation is going to take place on Saturday, April 21 at 1pm in at the Sixth Street Community Center in Manhattan. It is free (please RSVP at the link). Everybody is welcome. I am very happy that a fellow HumaneTech member @PatMc is going to be one of the presenters.

And of course, any ideas for a collaboration are always welcome.

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