Resources available to digital marketing professionals?

Digital marketer here. :wave:

I’m having trouble finding any courses, resources, certification programs available for those of us who work in social media every single day as digital marketing practitioners for our companies, clients, and customers.

As the sole person who manages digital communications/interactions for an entire corporation, I want to be trained and educated in how to promote ethical social media and digital information use through my daily work, so that I can ensure I’m being a part of the solution. But all of the education and training resources I’m finding are for technologists and programmers.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of resources, courses, or any type of training available to digital marketing professionals?

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I think you should look into ethical marketing. There’s quite a lot of resources available. Like in the American Marketing Association website:

If you come across comprehensive toolkits & methods, then please let us know. I’d be very interested to collect these in this forum.

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Thank you, this is helpful!