PODCAST on building human relationships in the digital age is looking for guests

Hi everyone,

It’s always so inspiring checking back into the Humane Tech Community to see what is going on and how we are all working towards a greater purpose!

For those of you who don’t know, I am the host of SHIPS: The Vessels for a Meaningful Life, which is a podcast all about the importance of building meaningful relationships in the digital age. We have had some amazing guests on the show, including Oscar and Emmy winners, top experts in digital wellness, and many business CEOs.

I am always looking for top talent to come out on my show so that I can showcase their work and their message. If you know of anyone, or if you yourself, might be interested in being on the show, please don’t hesitate in sending me a private message on here or shoot me an email at contact@patmcandrew.com. It’s important to note that you should be working on a project or job related to this field, aside from being simply interested in the topic (though that also has its own merit).

I look forward to pushing forward in this movement with you all!

All the best,

Pat McAndrew
Actor, Speaker, SHIPS Podcast Host

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