Personalized Websites... as an alternative for Social Media Accounts?

Hello Friends!

What if we all deleted our social media accounts and created our own personal websites???

Reading through the various posts on this community page has me inspired. Everyone on here has so much creativity to offer and I have realized many of you have your own personal, quite in-depth websites.

All I can say is: I am jealous.

Please teach me your ways. Seriously though!

I am determined to make the best use of the internet and over time have realized that it is essential for myself to build a website… to further my professional career, as well as my personal life. I am trying to do whatever I can to work in the field of creating/spreading the word of implementing more humane tech.

Thus far: I have been utilizing free platforms such as Codecademy to learn how to code using HTML and I am soon to move onto Javascript. However, I have no idea how to make that first step in creating
a website. This platform is great… however I am still lost!

Here’s what I would like to have on a website.
–Photo Gallery (to replace my desire to upload photos on Instagram)
–Links to various articles, book recommendations, etc…
–I would like to create a podcast at some point and upload it’s link on here as well.

^^^I truly don’t have many connections that are that well-integrated into how to make this possible, and I guess that is why I am reaching out to you all.

Any advice on how to create a great website, preferably at a low cost… or even FREE would be very much appreciated.

All in all, I enjoy the conversations on here and it is quite exciting for me to see individuals so filled with passion on this very important topic on how to make our tech work better for us.

I apologize for my naivety.


Adam Bartley

WIX is a great free option but there are many out there.

I would challenge your assumption that a personal website would be better than social media. At the present, one of the biggest challenges we face is that people increasingly go to the internet to learn about eachother and interact… but it’s often a false form of communication. Is it possible that we should be leveraging the internet LESS for learning about eachother and MORE for other functional purposes? Maybe learning about another person face to face or voice to voice really contains something that is lost in the “here’s everything about me” website experience…

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I’ll take a look into Wix… I appreciate the feedback!

Since deleting all forms of social media off of my phone (about 11 months ago) I have realized 100% that our largest issue is the false form of communication that takes place on these platforms.

I’ll be completely honest (this is the first forum I have been a part of) it has been quite the enriching experience. As it has been great to see the various conversations, debates and insight that has been given. The internet undoubtedly has many perks such as forming disparate connections and learning of new ideas is one of many examples.

The thing that concerns me is that I don’t have many peers at my age (early 20’s) that have ever embarked on such an experience on something as simple as a forum on the web. As most of our lives we have spent on the dominant social platforms only able to conform to others interests instead of establishing or voicing our own.

I agree with you 100% that due to our social dynamics we should be leveraging the internet less for learning about each other and more for other functional purposes. And yet… when the information is out there and freely available it can be hard to sway away from it. If we are more efficiently able to group individuals interests in contrast to third party interests… this would truly be a beautiful thing.

The thing I am psyched about with personalized websites… is that individuals are more able to use these more creatively. To have a canvas of their interests and their life joys. It would just be a matter of having them designed in a way to sway the addictive nature of the web, into the enriching nature of real-life interactions. Perhaps we could use our individualized websites these more as an effective tool for collaboration compared to the present option?


You can use one of our hosted WebSonar Libraries to quickly create a presence and upload images, video, audio and pdf files to get started, without requiring any html code knowledge.

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Maybe im overthing but in the days of geocities and lycos (I know pass the geritol) you could host a site as a single html page or a few pages and no be dependent on javascript or php.

If you know know html there are a million html editors that have What You See Is What You Get Editors and if you can post here you can use them. A million free hosts maybe start there upload a single html page and see how you like it.

If thigs progress then get top level domain or whatever you want that costs money.

FFS no more white backgrounds please only thing about this site i dont like all dark theme everything please!

First, thanks for sharing your perspective.

I left social media several years ago and found myself with an abundance of time to contribute to my personal .com which is not an interactive enterprise. By design and content the site is the result of real human contact and ideas rather than an exploration through daily online interaction. That model works for me but may not for others.

You may reach a similar point when (social media) peers are a lesser part of your processes while appreciating - not always agreeing with - your conclusions and work products. Behind all this, however, is the human component of tactile contact being a necessary social goal even if remaining in the abstract. For myself I leave that door ajar by including an e-mail/snail mail conduit.

A domain does have a cost factor (my self-designed site with unlimited bandwidth needed for any video/slideshow not linked to the various hosts with restrictions runs about $40 per month) but as you note your content is yours and you are the editor not some bot.

That raises the issue of the attraction to ‘free’ online products and services which are not only not really free but restrict the creativity in us all to conform to the ‘free’ standards. The internet ‘free’ aspect is, I think, the elephant in the room when we discuss technology since ‘free’ goes to ‘value’ and so forth.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts to throw out there.

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In the 90s when the internet was still young my favorite site was Maddox. He used his giant ego to title it “The Best Page In The Universe” and it was a black background, with a bullet list of links in yellow text that linked to his articles which were satires and parodies.

It’s kind of irony overload because back then he also had the email contact and used to post hate mail he received from folks who read his articles and don’t understand satire.

At present he was satirized in a book and sued the guy for millions and lost basically making huge public crybaby ass of himself and becoming what he claimed to hate and was great at making fun of: someone who doesn’t get satire hahaha

But anyway he had a great article about how php was invented to get uncreative web designers jobs. And that not all sites need frames and php and javascript and all this shit and he is the first I ever heard to compare white background and black text like here on humane tech to the human eyeball’s equivalent to staring into a lightbulb.