Blog service from a good company?

Hi All. One of the reasons I don’t have a blog for myself is that I don’t want to write in ‘popular’ blog platforms… Any ideas where we can have a blog in a good place (except self-hosting)?

Edit: Oh the mewe platform from another thread I asked about… I’ll check that out. Any other suggestions?

Hi Gokul, did you check if the Fediverse has something for you

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Thanks I’ll check that.

I looked into Substack to see about creating a tech newsletter there. Perhaps this could be a project of First Person Plural while we’re waiting to receive nonprofit status. Would you be interested, @gkrishnaks, in writing for such a publication? Substack offers the ability to create a paid section that uses Stripe.

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Hi Pat. I think I receive some newsletter from someone using substack. Still not sure if it’s fine to collect email accounts to deliver a newsletter versus just making posts in a blog, bcos we will have to trust the substack platform to hold follower emails… if we do choose it, if we have have a paid section (not sure about “paid premium content” vs microdonations model…) eventually move paid section articles to public view at a date after a window so that stuff doesn’t get stuck behind paywall forever. :smile:


All good points for discussion, @gkrishnaks. Instead of consumer or customer, we can think of the reader/student who reads to learn–and the teacher who teaches by sharing. I think moving information into the public realm after it’s resided behind a paywall is a great idea.

Having people donate according to their means rather than pay for knowledge might be a good idea too.

Let’s try to build such an ethical model.


create a blogs using or those are the best platforms to create blogs

Agree that wordpress is a good platform to use. However, unless you pay for it, you will have ads–sometimes strange ones–on your pages.

But you can make a lot of money if you are able to rank websites using wordpress.