– looking to do some user interviews

Hi everyone!

I’m a UX/UI designer, and I’ve been working on a project called for the last few months. I’m at the point where I want to show it to people and get some honest feedback. If you’re interested, I’d love to do a 15-20 minute interview/demo with you over Discord or Skype. is an all-purpose social network that focuses on putting you in control of your own experience. Our “half-decentralized” model is ad-free, chronological, and allows for a high degree of user customization. We hope to launch an open beta by the end of the spring!


Hey Scott, I’m interested :slight_smile:

I’d be interested! Also, your request beta email collection form doesn’t seem to be working

Good catch – I’ll look into it. And I’ll be reaching out via DM! Thanks!!

Awesome, thanks Marcin! I’ll reach out via DM.

I am interested…
Beware what you ask for…
Talking like a Dutch Uncle comes natural to me and I am entitled to it… lol
Your software runs on mobiles only?
Skype is fine, GMT time zone here.

Hi Scott! I’d love to help out :slight_smile:

If not too late I would be happy to have a look - I am an industry analyst so do that kind of thing for a living :slight_smile: