Outrigger | Reclaiming Space from Email

This mid-winter break, I worked with my son, who is a high school freshman in AP computer science to develop Outrigger (http://outriggerapp.com). He did all the coding.

Similar to Slack’s do not disturb feature, or iOS 11’s do not disturb while driving feature, Outrigger enlists an email sender’s help to decide if the recipient should be notified. It does this by sending an automatic Out of Office reply with a button that, if pressed, triggers a non-email notification (currently Telegram, with Slack, SMS and phone calls coming next).

Here is what the customizable Auto-Reply email and confirmation currently look like (MVP stage):

Outrigger currently works with GSuite/Gmail. We are working to make Outrigger calendar aware so it can turn itself on during busy times as indicated on the user’s Google Calendar and we have several other core features on the roadmap.

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for our waitlist and we’ll add you as soon as we launch our alpha.

Outrigger – rig up and step out.


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