Is there a way to group and delay push notifications on Android?

I only just found out about Humanetech through a Sam Harris podcast with Tristan Harris.

I have had this question for a while, I hope this is the right place to ask it.

You can schedule your phone to be on silent mode at specific times, however I would like to be able only see notifications at certain times but not miss them.

Use case:
During the day I receive whatsapp messages, Linkedin, mentions, etc. I don’t need to see them right away but don’t want to miss them. I could turn all notifications off but I would have to look at my phone regularly to know I am not missing something and I don’t want this habit. I could also schedule silent mode but notifications that arrived during this period are missed and don’t come again. I could also schedule flight mode but I don’t want to miss incoming calls.

What I would like to do is schedule that all push notifications are collected and pushed together every x minutes (for instance each hour). At the hour I would receive a notification for 30 whatsapp messages, 3 Linkedin mentions, etc. and could quickly look at all of them.

I have searched the web but have not been able to find this. I think it would be a very useful feature. Does anybody know if something like this exists or would be possible to create by a third party?

I know there was an app or a startup working on this. Maybe it was posted on this forum (could do a search), but can’t remember… it was in the mindfulness apps direction.

Oh wow, I had already performed a search but did some additional searching and just when I was about to give up I found it!

You’re probably referring to Siempo and from what I gather it is just what I need. Will install later today and check it out. Thanks for your reply!


Tried it but unfortunately it does not work well on my phone (OnePlus 5T Android 9). Launcher is a bit buggy and notifications still get through. They do warn for this behavior on certain phones and android versions. I can imagine it would be very difficult to make this work. Should be a job for Google to implement this on Android but I guess it doesn’t really align with their other goals…

Will disable notifications altogether for now and will see what the future will bring us.

That is a pity. Maybe @andrewmurraydunn can jump in, and give some tips. Siempo is working exciting new plans, last time I had a chat with him.

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I have turned off almost all push notifications on my phone, tablet and laptop. Long time ago, I decided that I should back control and stop the interrupts. Granted, it takes discipline (and I sometimes fall back in the habit to be honest) and sometimes after software updates I have to re-undo the notifications settings.

Could you not just schedule some time (set a reminder if necessary) to bulk check messages and feeds?

Yes that is exactly what I will be doing from this point forward. Being the one to decide when I check my phone instead of the other way around is still a big improvement.

@aschrijver I see their discord channel is very active and just received an email that they have gone open source. Indeed a lot seems to be happening there so will wait and see.


Thanks for giving it a shot!

Andrew from Siempo here - we took a long pause from last summer till now, but recently went open source and now have volunteers working on these bugs and feature enhancements. Stay tuned!