ActivityWatch - An open-source automated time-tracker that is cross-platform, extensible and privacy-focused

Hi everyone!

I’m building ActivityWatch, an open-source automated time-tracker that is cross-platform, extensible, and privacy-focused. I’ve been building it together with my brother Johan for and we’ve been at it for almost 5 years now (slow, but steady).

We’re currently focusing on our two most requested features: categorization and synchronization. After that, we want to figure out how to best help our users accomplish their goals, and from talking to them we expect a fair deal of them to want to improve their device habits, which is why I’m posting here!

I started building it for similar reasons as to why Tristan started this whole Humane Tech thing, and I want to get your feedback about how it could serve the mission that the Humane Tech community is all about. We want more feedback on how to best serve our users, as well as any ideas you wonderful folks might have for how to advance research in the humane tech space.

I also just sent a PR adding it to the awesome-humane-tech repo:

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Great! Thanks for your submission, @ErikBjare, I have merged your pull request :slight_smile: