Looking for Recommendations: Food & Nutrition Tracking App

According to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, mobile health and fitness apps have multiple widespread privacy issues. I have been looking for sources that analyze these apps and show which ones are best, but I have not been successful so far (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse for example does not make a list of the apps they analyzed public). Most comparisons of food & nutrition apps online don’t consider privacy at all, for that matter.

For this reason I am wondering whether any Humane Tech Community members have more knowledge on this subject. Are there any food & nutrition apps that you know of that qualify as humane technology?


I don’t think any apps or phone os falls into that category.

Ymmv but i use a spreadsheet, you could put it in cloud storage and append it on cloud storage app from phone?

That’s what I do. Make csv file on my laptop, upload somewhere, download to phone.

I only really am following sodium and sugar but if I eat food I write down the stuff I am tracking.

For exercise same thing I use a checklist.

Any note taking app can do this, just have each exercise with a check box.

12 reps of this check, 12 more check. If you work out the checks will be there if you dont they wont and you can see easily.

Seems easy for me part of routine and no special app needed, is cross platform, and not proprietary in any way. To be honest same can be done with paper and pencil.

With regards to analysing trackers that exist inside the apps, you can have a look at Exodus Privacy and Exodify (by our member @valere). You can find the links on our awesome humane tech list under Tracking.

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Thank you for all your replies so far! @aschrijver’s suggestion to take a look at Exodus Privacy eventually led me to the F-droid alternative android store which only lists apps that make their source code visible. Within this app store, I found two apps, “Waistline” and “Food Tracker”, which do exactly what I was looking for without collecting any data whatsoever. For anyone wondering which of the two apps to choose, “Food Tracker” is simpler, and is developed by the University of Karlsruhe (it doesn’t do much more than count calories), whereby “Waistline” additionally allows you to create meals and define macro goals.