Exodus Privacy / behaviors which can be dangerous for user privacy

Hello, just wanted to share this project with you https://exodus-privacy.eu.org/
I am using it before installing any application on my phone, it’s very helpful to see how much an app is spying on you.
It shows clearly the toxicity of the current system, where a lot of actors need to put in place surveillance technology to ensure revenues. I don’t see how a company can have my best interests at first while using all those creepy trackers…
Notice also that a lot of dev/product owner are not even aware of the trackers and permissions they put in their app :confused:


Good point. Now imagine anybody actually using a phone to do something like online banking. Phones are made with the purpose of allowing spying; whereas with computers, the spying is added on.

Sure, every corporation promises that your data is secure. So did Equifax.

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Thx Valere, I was already watching this project on github… didn’t install yet (only using GlassWire to track network activity, but I need deeper insights)

Will consider installing now :slight_smile:

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ps. using firefox + Privacy Badger as well on android and will consider https://eelo.io in future (or compile my own android without google + samsung)

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btw valere, ty for the tip.

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I personally am paranoid about my privacy, in protecting my name, address and phone I have made up fake ones!

However I don’t mind sites tracking my interests. I know it helps them to make much more money, especially if they are journalists. Overall I think it actually can do good because it means we can get services for free. I know the online ad industry pretty well, and revenues are multiple times higher with tracking and targeting. Without tracking the publishing industry (which is already underfunded) would collapse.

Let’s be realistic and also not be greedy. It’s a little greedy to want to get super-complicated services for free, but than also to not let them track our interests.

However we should also ensure that our contact details remain private, and that the tracking is in an “anonymous” form.

Hello, I just made a Chrome and Firefox extension that can directly show within the PlayStore the number of trackers in the displayed App.
Available here:
Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/exodify/
Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/exodify/imfbjeceaelpdlhbeembaocakecajhlm

Eager for feedback :wink:


Looks awesome @valere! Can I add it to Humane Tech ? Maybe you want to PR?

No do it :wink:
It’s open source -> https://github.com/FacettsOpen/exodify

I’ll add you. I have not updated the README of awesome-humane-tech yet, but you are entitled to proudly wear the badge on your own README now… shall I PR that too?

Yes :+1:
Just uploaded a new feature to show number of trackers in the similar app section

Ghostery is great in knowing who is tracking you when you are browsing the web. And in addition you can you can blocked those site trackers to stop tracking you.

Yes @anon74302558 ghostery is great at raising awareness on the number of trackers on a web page. But in the mobile app world tracking is worst and invisible to users. That’s what ExodusPrivacy is doing, showing you the trackers in apps.

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Hello everybody,
#exodify is on producthunt today, feel free to check it out and give some feedbacks!

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Exodify is nominated for the producthunt’s golden kitty awards :blush: