AppCensus - Learn the Privacy Cost of Free Mobile Apps

I want to draw your awareness to AppCensus. This website contains information on the privacy implications of using any of more than 119k apps that are available in the Google Play app store. 77k of which are analyzed for privacy (!)

So this website is similar to Exodus Privacy, but as a website.

AppCensus Website

Our mission is to give app users better transparency into how their mobile apps use and misuse their personally identifying information. We want to explore whether apps are following standard best practices when handling private data. We hope that by giving out this transparency, we will foster a better mobile app ecosystem, because users are exposed to hidden privacy costs and app developers are better made aware of best practices for their future apps.

Use the site to check whether your apps infringe on YOUR privacy. Uninstall them if they do :wink:

Soon they will be adding an API for on-demand testing, and commercial services (free or low-cost to non-profits and governments).

I found the site via Serge Edelman on Twitter, and if you have suggestions for improvements to their services you can also send your feedback to him via: egelman [ at ]

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@aschrijver thank you again for educating on our data safety!! This has been so important to engage in a more humane lifestyle for me personally.

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