Online food delivery services are infringing on our privacy

Was reading a previous topic about the project Exodus Privacy, which I downloaded on my Android phone. I thought it worthwhile to mention it in Awareness.

The topic is here: Exodus Privacy / behaviors which can be dangerous for user privacy

Thanks to this app, I realized that food delivery services such as FoodPanda and Deliveroo, not content with skimming restaurants and customers and the poor exploited riders, are also getting extra money from a large number of companies that track you.

I am so gonna send them an email to the effect I will never order from them again after realizing this incredibly disgusting abuse of our privacy. Unlike free services, where you can understand the compromise is whoring your privacy, we are PAYING CUSTOMERS of these companies. That is utterly shocking.


Yes I hear you- that’s why I’m hooked on a totally organic existence except for the totally necessary things online like banking and secure payment systems like PayPal. Don’t venture into Venmo either- total invasion of privacy.

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The sad thing is we only come to realize all this now, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As of today, our private contact lists must have already been shared with dozens of digital marketing agencies, which are only waiting for progress on AI technology to take it to the next step, total manipulation and exploitation.


Yes- and most people don’t understand this. Education about privacy should be written in 2nd grade level reading on certain forums/social media to reach the most people. No other way to reach people…

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Sent complaints to both culprits. Both promise responses within 24 hours. I will keep you updated and then, I am sure we can have a good laugh about how lame and lawyerly this will get.

Side note: privacy lawyers working on drafting ambiguous and obscure privacy policies are the lowest of the scum there is.

Update 1: Deliveroo sent a very short reply to the effect they will pass my comment to the product team. No big expectation there.

Update 2: No option anywhere to delete account on Food Panda. Have to email support. Now endless emails asking the same question over and over again, still not deleted.

Update 3: After 5 days and dozens of emails, my account with Food Panda was finally deleted.

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