On gaming and game addiction, discussion and information sources

This topic collects info on positive / negative aspects of Games on both adults and kids

Hereby I introduce a new Humane Tech topic that has not been addressed much on the forum yet, but that represents a growing problem in society: Playing computer games and the addiction and other health problems that result from that.

The problem is most prevalent among children, but also adults get addicted. Playing games too often and for prolonged times not only leads to a variety of physical health problems (like Repetitive Strain Injuries), but also comes to the detriment of real-world activities and erosion of social skills.

There is the violence in games, and there are very smart game mechanics that game developers implement to keep people gaming. Also many (‘free’) games have in-game purchasing mechanisms that are linked to gambling-style funcitonality (applying knowledge from casino’s, and betting companies) that entice people to spend huge amounts of money while playing, and leading to even heavier addiction.

As first entry in this topic I present an organisation that deals with these problems:


I am aware of Cam’s Game Quitters and I commend him and you are correct that it is a much bigger problem than we realize. I can tell you from my women’s support group, that many many marriages are ending due to these “games”. It is addiction plain and simple. The comments section in this article has been going on for TWO YEARS https://www.nurturingmarriage.org/conflict-resolution/dont-let-gaming-ruin-your-marriage

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