Internet Addiction and Non-Productive Use of Tech Tools in Children at Risk

Dear Community,

During the past few months, my team and I have been working on an initiative related to internet addiction in developing countries. Although this problem has become visible in developed regions of the world, the interaction of poverty and the non-productive use of technological tools and the internet in poor environments is already creating vicious cycles and damaging people’s well-being.

We created Code Hope. This is a program based in Peru that provides an effective solution to two problems that are related: i) the non-productive use of the internet by children at risk and ii) the development of socio-emotional skills and reinforcement of family ties. Through an immersive 4-month coding boot camp in web development and personal growth workshops, we will transform the lives of children and we will teach them the skills they need to succeed in the knowledge economy.

We are applying to MIT Solve in order to get funds to make a bigger impact. Also, we are opening the discussion to address this problem in poor countries that most people have not realized yet.

See: Code Hope submission at MIT

We truly appreciate it!


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