Non-tech application to Time Well Spent?


My name is Leo and I am the founder of a watch brand. I have discovered Time Well Spent a couple of years back when researching time related issues, which is one area I wanted to promote through my brand. Time is a pretty important topic for us since we build “time keeping” devices.

Our products have a design that is sophisticated and well researched. At the same time they are very classical, easy to read and constructed with quality components to last a long time.

The name of our brand (which I am not here to promote) means escape in French: A way to both point out the elusive nature of time, but also that it is our most precious resource when it helps us escape distractions.

In that sense I think the parallel with this movement is pretty strong. As a result, I wondered how we could make the cause resonate more widely than just in tech, with products that are as essential as possible to serve their purpose and not make you waste time.

I would love to incentivize our clients to buy our products in support to this cause, but of course it all needs to make sense in the end!

Very curious to hear your thoughts about this.