Apps that are Time Well Spent for you

What tools help you spend your time well?

Our partnership with Moment provides some interesting data on this matter and we feature some tools here.

Would love to build a list of tools we might not know about and see what works for the community.

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There is also a form for submitting favorite TWS apps, which has received over 100 submissions so far.
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A curated list of apps, websites, and tools that have been reviewed by a peer is here: TWS tools and projects

I’ve complied a list that looks at tools from a slightly different perspective: how they enable disconnection.

It’s a work in progress, but could be useful to anyone looking for a particular type of disconnection.


What about apps that bring knowledge and beauty into our lives, “pure” apps that deliver on the potential of the internet to educate and enlighten us? Instead of looking only at ways to muffle the noise / block the light / keep the internet at bay, maybe we can build a directory of “alternative” apps / sites. There are many scenarios where such a list could be valuable. Rules for inclusion would need to be developed; regular reviews would need to occur.


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I see two similar but separate groups: one of ‘time well spent’ apps – that focus and enhance attention, cultivate awareness, improve our consistency in how we use time and how we wish to use it. These can be positive as well as negative. Another group of ‘beauty and knowledge and ?’ apps – focusing on wonderful uses of connection and internetworking, that are not time poorly spent.

Yes!!! The world is filled with value and precious information; there is just too much noise to find it.

Why can’t technology get rid of the noise and chaos we don’t care about and give us the information we want to know and ENHANCE our lives.

As a millennial with an attention span shorter than a goldfish, I want learning platforms that ONLY tell me the information I need to know. Something that is valuable, fun and trendy. When trying to read a hardcover book, I couldn’t make it through a page without checking my phone. There needs to be a better way!

I would love to connect and learn about how you are applying Time Well Spent in your life/career!