No More Phones and Other Tech Predictions for the Next Decade

“So here is 2019 in its last moments: The actress Sharon Stone gets kicked off a dating app for being herself, while the ever-screechy President Trump gets to stay on Twitter after retweeting fake accounts and links that appear to unmask a whistle-blower.”

“This is the state of the internet as the decade comes to a close. Confusion reigns, for good reason, about the many tech inventions that have been heaped upon us over the past 10 years. Few of us can even guess at what the next great innovation will be because the industry has stayed in neutral for too long. Meanwhile, tech I.P.O.s in 2019 were less than stellar (see Uber), bad economics were unmasked (see WeWork), and trust in tech eroded (see Facebook), even as the big got even bigger (also see Facebook)”