Examples of what is coming to us in the near future


I would like this to be a thread with examples of new technology that is on the horizon and that has to be taken into account by the Humane Tech community, so we can prepare… (an anti- disruption layer, if you are a techie :slight_smile: )

How do we avoid a Brave New World, reverse dystopic trends?
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Self-driving cars just going to leave millions of people without jobs.
3D printer, Ai, robots = Most of the People will lose their job. And they will not going to find another ones, because robots gets better and smarter than we.
Any business man would prefer to hire robots than humans. Robots can work 24/7 and they don’t have all the humans “problems”.
No in some country, if you have dictator you can at least go to the street and create Revolution.
But then soon, instead of real police you going to have a robots, and you can say goodbye to Revolution.
I know it sounds maybe like science fiction.
But just look back 100 years ago, and check how much technological progress move forward. And now the progress moving much much faster.


Wow! These sounds like th catastrophic predictions when steam locomotive and railway started operations :wink:
Things usually take an unexpected way… e.g The Web was created to share knowledge (and it is now sharing hate and silliness as well).
And catastrophic prophecies usually don’t happen
Social media are basically a good thing (bring people together, link remote family members) BUT this has been diverted to catch up our time (marketing money), facilitate the spreading of hate (jihadism) and finally influence masses and manipulate elections and democracy.
All of this is not new… but the web add its own touch:global spread

AI, Facial recognition in Retail (and soon on any camera, really)

Work in progress: "Frederick Taylor Meets George Orwell in the 'Platform-Mediated' Workplace of the Future"
What Personal Data do companies like Facebook and Google know about us?
Mark Zuckerberg as the Greatest Self-Help Guru of All Time?

But how do you know that everything on tv radio , radio or newspaper is real.
You’ll never Know you just need to trust.
So let’s create the system that will allow more people to trust. Not for everybody, because it’s impossible, but at least majority will trust.


Especially with the innovations in fake news (convincing fake video and audio) coming/here, establishing a shared sense of trust and trusted sources is of the utmost urgency,


Yes, good one @Max. I’ll include this link (many to choose from):


Looks indeed pretty scary… our responsability to not let it conquer us !


1984 from George Orwell it is what is coming… if you add to this Orwellian perspective Debord’s and Huxley’s, its spot on what is happening, or coming… who knows anymore! The acceleration is superb… its a shame we don’t seem to have much of a direction!!!

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” - Buckminster Fuller


We’ve always been manipulated, Via radio newspapers and TV. Like for examples, why you think there is so many LGBT scenes in every movie now :slight_smile: The only things is change, that before we’ve been manipulated by our own government. But now with internet we could be manipulated by any government and any person


This is not coming… it is already here! But it can get much worse :frowning:
Why you need to be concerned about your privacy!!

Work in progress: "Frederick Taylor Meets George Orwell in the 'Platform-Mediated' Workplace of the Future"

I suspect the recent scandal with FB and Cambridge Analytica is only the tip of the iceberg… All the huge amounts of personal data floating around just beg to be analyzed and acted upon in any imaginable and unimaginable way possible by hardball commercial organizations and, yes, governments…

For instance: read this article describing how Voice of China network aims to ‘improve public opinion’:

Work in progress: "Frederick Taylor Meets George Orwell in the 'Platform-Mediated' Workplace of the Future"

Most of the tech will be powered by AI and it’s already begun. So all the low-level jobs would go vanish.


This is an interesting topic and deserves further elaboration… BTW I think its not the low-level jobs that will go vanish, but rather that its the mid-level jobs which are most at risk, replaced by more low-level / low-paid jobs (where automation is too expensive).


There is some new legislation in the USA that may be problematic for the freedom of speech on the internet as stated by eff.org and may even impact how this forum must be moderated:


Manufacturing more and more organs due to self driving cars


Are they serious planning to discuss it publicly. This is the worse arguments against self-driving car. Because what they saying basically, it’s we need to kill healthy people to help sick.


I’m going to add another article to this about self-driving cars, since Ubers cars just killed their first human.


Bridget Driscoll (c. 1851 – 17 August 1896) was the first pedestrian to be killed in a collision with a motor car in the UK.[1][2] As 44-year-old Driscoll, her teenage daughter May and her friend Elizabeth Murphy crossed Dolphin Terrace in the grounds of the Crystal Palace in London, Driscoll was struck by a car belonging to the Anglo-French Motor Carriage Company that was being used to give demonstration rides.[2] One witness described the car as travelling at “a reckless pace, in fact, like a fire engine”.[2]
Although the car’s maximum speed was 8 miles per hour (13 km/h) it had been limited deliberately to 4 miles per hour (6.4 km/h), the speed at which the driver, Arthur James Edsall of Upper Norwood, claimed to have been travelling. His passenger, Alice Standing of Forest Hill, alleged he modified the engine to allow the car to go faster, but another taxicab driver examined the car and said it was incapable of exceeding 4.5 miles per hour (7.2 km/h) because of a low-speed engine belt. The accident happened just a few weeks after a new Act of Parliament had increased the speed limit for cars to 14 miles per hour (23 km/h), from 2 miles per hour in towns and 4 miles per hour in the countryside.[2]