7 ways the crisis has made tech better

Yes, it’s been a tough past few months. But ‘the crisis’ has also seen #StopHateForProfit cost Facebook $7bn; WFH become accepted by the most traditional companies; and facial recognition tech dropped by IBM, Microsoft & above all Amazon.

More reasons to be optimistic despite prevailing gloom in BetterTech.blog’s latest post:


interesting stuff! it was a relief to see an optimistic tone when it comes to our present ‘crisis’ and how tech is being handled in our present state.

I read your article in-full and posted it on readup.com to hopefully start more of a conversation on that platform as well.




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Very helpful post, I have just read the post that you have shared, However, I will use the link that you have shared in my next post that I will publish on Reviewsed.com.

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Nice! Welcome to the community @lucasbrown!