New ideas on how to make technology better for humans

Hi, I joined this forum recently and have been reading with interest - it’s great to find a
place where people are really thinking about the impact of technology. Before I was aware of this (and other related initiatives), I started a site called Recknsense earlier this year as a place to post my ideas and observations that could help us build new tech or make improvements that are better for humans (more equal/diverse, and generally better for us in the long term). I’m from a tech/product background, involved in developing new products that apply emerging technology but I’ve grown steadily frustrated with the real impact technology is having. The site has ideas, observations and references and is inspired by the concept of a ‘commonplace book’ that inventors of old used and shared with others to help them come up with new innovations. Many of the ideas are based on connecting the dots between technology and insights from humanities - philosophy, psychology, sociology and applying science. Here are a few posts to give you a flavor:

I’m interested in finding out about any other blogs, websites or groups of people that may be doing similar things so I can get involved in discussions and see if some of these ideas could lead to real projects/apps.
So far I have come across a subreddit for Digital Anthropology ( which has some interesting content and is a good place to ask for help and which was recommended.

If you want to know more or get in touch, e-mail
Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help you can offer.


Thank you for posting this, @recknsense. We’re always happy to learn about new initiatives.

We had a video call yesterday with new members, and one idea that came out of it was having people present on their projects. We have a call scheduled for around June 7, so if you’d like to join us and talk about what you’re doing, please let us know.

I glanced at your website and think one idea of yours might be good for us to discuss. We’ve talked about partnering with other groups–or rather finding groups and individuals to partner with. For forum members who haven’t read the page, I’m including a screenshot.


Thanks for your reply and inviting me to share more. Please send me the details about the call on 7th June. Out of interest I didn’t receive an e-mail notification when you replied so I only just saw your response - is this something you need to enable in settings?


Yes, here’s a screenshot on notification settings:

We’ll create a topic on our next video call, so please look for that.