Los Angeles Chapter / Meetings

For people in the L.A. area to chat and organize meetups (/ happy hours!)

Meanwhile, I set up http://meetup.com/humanetech

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Thanks Claudio!

We’ve covered a lot of humanetech-related issues in the “Our Lives, Our Data” LA Meetup Group:

If it would make sense for OLOD to be an LA Chapter representative (similar to the CfA Brigades) for humanetech, there’d be a great pool of 300+ interested folks to seed the group, as well as it give it some history and oomph.

How was the last meetup? Any thoughts from others here on associating existing meetups as humanetech ‘brigades’ so they can maintain momentum without reinventing communities?

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Great to see this, @claudiob and @datadave.

@Dan_Rubin and I are organizing a HumaneTech themed Meetup. Please refer to: Portland, OR Meetup Jan. 29: "Addictive By Design: How Our Phones Hijacked Our Lives"