Looking for podcast guests - Selfie Reflective - presenting different perspectives of the status update quo

Excited to announce a social media-focussed project called Selfie Reflective - a podcast presenting different perspectives on the status-update quo.

We chat to researchers, sociologists, academics, creatives and critical thinkers from around the world about a myriad of issues and trends affecting the social media space. Through stories, knowledge and insights, by examining both the good and the concerning, we unpack the seductive power of social media and discover opportunities to leverage it for good. Together, we’ll ask big questions about mental health, data and privacy, and challenge the status-update quo to craft a future in which our individual and collective experience on social media is the most positive it can be. The target audience are everyday people who feel contentious about their use of these platforms, but aren’t academic about the issues. Selfie Reflective aims to bridge the divide and contextualise high level info and future visions to spark awareness and innovation.

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I’m enjoying the podcast, Lucy. Well done. And it’s nice to hear a kiwi accent again. Brings back memories of the few years I spent in Wellington as a free-to-play game designer (a.k.a. addiction designer).

Put me in coach! This is my favorite topic and I’d be happy to 'cast with ya!

:studio_microphone: :smile:

PS I recently guested another podcast that was just published. Check it out!

Thanks so much for the message! Really glad you are enjoying!