CHT News: Share #MySocialTruth To The World !

The Center for Humane Technology has released a new campaign:


Copying from the CHT newsletter:

Invite young people to share their stories.

Over the years, thousands of young people and families have shared their social media stories with us. The themes are consistent: “I feel alone,” “I feel trapped,” “I feel helpless.” Now, after watching The Social Dilemma, over 40 million people globally are waking up to the shared reality that social media platforms profit from our outrage, confusion, addiction, and depression. It’s a feature, not a bug.

But we’re also waking up to another shared reality: We are not alone. A powerful movement is growing. And together, we can change the system.

That’s why we’re launching #MySocialTruth, a story bank for young people to share their experience on and off social media, and their ideas for how social media could be reimagined. While the statistics are significant, the truth is most potent when it’s voiced by those most deeply impacted, a rising generation who will inherit global challenges of unprecedented complexity.

We will share #MySocialTruth with leaders from Washington DC to Silicon Valley. We have their attention. We need to stand together and keep the pressure on.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help. Please share #MySocialTruth with your community and encourage the young people in your life to share their stories.

Let them know that their voices are critical to our movement. Help us demand change to protect future generations.

With gratitude,

The Center for Humane Technology Team