Looking for co-founder/biz partner for Digital Wellness company (SF Bay Area preferred)

Hi there. I am building a new Digital Wellness company and looking to build out a team, starting with a co-founder or business partner.

I am starting a round of seed funding and know securing funding and rapidly scaling this business will require a team/partners.

Unfortunately I cannot say too much about how concept and business model but would love to explore possibilities and connect with anybody interested in getting into this line of work and building a transformational, purpose driven business designed to re-establish connection in the world (by disconnecting from devices).

I am most interested in working with someone in the SF Bay Area (I live in San Mateo) but am open to connecting with others across the country, or even the world, about this new venture.

I hope to hear from you!


DM me to setup a call or meetup asap!**_

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Hi David

Are you aware of the DigitalWellnessWarriors.com. I am a founding member. There are over 60 people with apps, services, or companies in the digital wellness field. I can put you in touch with the founders if you’d like. You will see the logos of all the companies, and you may see someone interested in collaborating.

I’m happy to speak with you. MIndhood.com is my company and at the moment we are working specifically with college students and high school students, but will be expanding. We are not looking for co-founders but there could be a collaboration.

The other thing you might consider is attending the Transformational Technology Conference in Palo Alto, 11/9-11/10. I was just in an accelerator with this group for the past month with over 1000 people from all over the world. Very exciting progress being made, and you would be in synch with the others’ missions. http://www.ttconf.org/

Susan Reynolds


Hey Susan. Would love to connect when you have time. Our missions are very aligned. -David 6503874427

Hey David, living in SF (The Mission.) Would love to grab a coffee and chat!

shoot me an email man! david@americaoffline.info