List of Community-building resources

I thought it might be a good idea to collect some good resources about community-building, and starting with the following 2 guides:

Community-building brick by brick


Github Studies in Community

Github Studies in Community

And then there is the Open Leadership Training Series by Mozilla:

Open Leadership Training Series

Mozilla Open Leadership Training

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Adding some recent updates and findings, starting with CHT’s David Jay’s excellent Medium article on building the asexual community:

Then some resources I discussed with @laurex on LinkedIn, that we should investigate and possibly incorporate in our community strategy:

Marshall Ganz: Building Community Cultural Leadership

And then the method Obama used in his presidential campaign to rally the masses: The Snowflake Model

Then there is the Spotify Engineering Culture, which extends the reach of agile development to include company culture, but can be very well applied to large communities that are heavily involved in community-driven projects, as we will: