Help Wanted: This community is leaderless! 😃



Dear Builders,

As you know we are now building The Pyramids of Humane Technology, and whereas in the old days that required powerful Faraohs to keep the project going - involving slavery and suffering and other bad things - nowadays we have modern technology, power tools to help us. Humane tools that are set to good work and work good.

So having those we don’t need leadership. I know there are great leaders in the world, but there is also grave danger in leadership as most would-be leaders actually fail. That wouldn’t be bad in itself, as failure is good - a learning experience and we all need to learn. However with leadership comes power to humans and that is hard to cope with for our species, as we all know. We don’t handle it so well. Power might devour you, make you too big. The good powers are really only those which exist in nature, in the spirit and the mind, and those that we bestow on technology of the humane kind. On our tools of the trade.

I am not saying that humans should be powerless, of course, not at all. In fact, we should become empowered, and to achieve that we should do less. We should become smaller.

Having come to that insight I will take it to heart immediately. Hereby I’ll demote myself to a smaller position.

I’ve called myself Community Lead before and you accepted that, but it is inappropriate for me. You see, I don’t really want to lead. Instead I just want to participate and cooperate with all of you and make some new friends, have some fun as we go along. Adopting this title onto myself was a bit of a vain act, and vanity is no small thing. And as I told you March 6: I intend to be smaller. Because Small is Huge.

This keeps things simple in life, and I value simple. I could KISS the philosopher who first preached that stance, if she or he were still alive :smile:

Of course we have much to do still, like diagramming the pyramid designs and organize ourselves a bit more. Requirements to reach our modest Vision. But we’ll do that organically, no leaders involved, as organics are in our DNA and it works like magic. In fact, it exists in all living organisms, it comes natural. So organics should be simple too. And funnily, even though DNA it is the most complex helix we know of, it is also really, really small. It is tiny even, and yet it works wonders. It just works, leaders unneeded. And without bossy types who order us around, there in this community there will be Huge fun to be had, I gather, and we will be having lots of it probably :partying_face:

So we go leaderless from now on.

To not be titleless myself - unlabeled - I have brainstormed a bit on a new title to carry. One that better fits my stature in life. A decent and honest title, which I can easily drop as I grow smaller in life. So here it is:

Arnold: Small Business Manager & Interaction Designer

I like being busy with small things, as business is good. I prefer funny business, not of the serious kind. Business that is small and manageable. Hence Small Business Manager as my main title.

And also I’d like to interact with other people more. People with funny stories, or fascinating ones are especially interesting to me. I’d love :heart: to hear those. Love!
Stories of delight and happy little things… fun facts of life. And people who keep things simple; who do not expect much. Then I won’t expect much too, and it is easier to become friends. Because - another very obvious fact - friends are truly important. They make life itself more valuable and worth living. More important and flourishable.

And I need to interact with more friends, increase the number, or I’ll feel lonely and sad. Something that I’ll do also on this forum of course - make friends - just like I have been doing before. Nothing changes there. On this great place where I design some structures for, being admin and all. From this I derived my title suffix of Interaction Designer.

Simply put, and to summarize, I want to thrive and flourish more and you should do too!
So let’s build that then, dear Builders, and get to work. It is what we are here for, and work is good :sunflower:

Have a nice work!

Join the Building !

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The Last Word

There is always a last word, isn’t there, and my last word as Community Lead to you is this:

You are now Leaders :muscle: here in your own Right :balance_scale:

And that is a very precious gift :gift_heart: that at first I didn’t even realize I had Given to you :smiley:

Ha ha, so you see, one keeps learning and learning delightful new things! Wisdom comes easy and from unexpected places. I’ll go into my study and lock the door, so Please do not disturb me!. Need to check Wikipedia to look all of this up and ponder it mindfully… I come out when I need to, I promise you that.


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The Pyramids of Humane Technology


Fascinating! So this whole thing is getting decentralized? Perhaps can we think of it as “open leadership” versus “leaderless”?


Yes, exactly. We work open, We lead open, We prepare carefully, from now on :wink:


I like it Arnold, congratulations on your demotion. The title I sense is still large, not necessarily in stature, it has too many words and letters. I feel you are more like a ‘storyteller’, it describes you better and it’s also a small word. Less is more for sure. Have a think about it, it has to be your choice of course but less words are always best.
Success in your new role. :raised_hands:


Thanks!! I will gladly accept this small gift of feedback and find something else more fitting! I am shrinking, Michael, and you just nudged me a bit to get tinier still. I love :heart: this little game we play now :smiley:


John C Havens is an awesome dude. And I don’t just mean his harmonica-playing. :wink: