ISO: Speaker at an event on humane tech in politics in the DC area

Hello everyone! I am an activist in the DC area, working on tackling the many dysfunctions that are eroding American democracy these days. My organization (Rockville Resistance - link below) is organizing a speakers’ forum on the topic of political polarization on April 30, and I am looking for someone with knowledge on the topic of how social media is driving political divisions to present on the topic, from a CHT-inspired perspective. Please let me know if you are interested or have recommendations! Many thanks in advance.


Hi Ailea, This response is too late for your first event, but may be useful for another. I would suggest you contact Claudia Gonzales Edelman of We Are All Human Foundation You can get a sense of her work on a recent interview I did with her on Evolving Digital Self.

I believe they have also launched their own podcast, Global Goals Cast. She is a great speaker and well respected. If you need an intro let me know.