In-person Group Discussion in the Bay Area: Is Social Media Good for Democracy?

By connecting people across the world for free, social media promised to set the stage for a digital revolution. However, critics argue that social media deepens political divisions and erodes trust in the electoral process. Will the power of social media be used as an unprecedented force for good, or is it a threat to the world’s democratic institutions?

For our fellow humane tech advocates currently living in the Bay Area, join us for an in-person group discussion about the recorded debate that was held last month. The debate featured Roger McNamee (founding advisor of CHT), Emily Parker, Franklin Foer, and Jeff Jarvis.

If you’re interested in participating, feel free to message me!


Ferjohn Maglalang

Here is the link to the debate -

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Never-mind, guys. The discussion got banned by Facebook. It’s a shame that we can’t even organize discussions on critical topics like this on social media.

@willmattei recently posted more info about this: Facebook banned my event called “Is Social Media Good for Democracy?”

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