Introducing Civility, a social platform for intellectual, in-person conversations with locals nearby

Hey everyone!

I’d like to introduce a pilot project that I’m working on called Civility- a social platform for 5-person, face-to-face conversations at cafes and coffee shops. Our mission at Civility is to revive humanity’s most powerful social networking tool by bringing back the art of civil discourse.

In our invite-only Facebook group, you can interact with like-minded proponents of humane technologies and politically-diverse intellectuals ranging from liberals to anarcho-capitalists. Best of all, you can join, create, and schedule 5-person discussions with local members of our community at any time.

At the end of the day, I believe that talking about human-centered technologies online is not enough to make social change… If we’re truly serious about our current state of affairs, we need to take action as well. We can organize in-person discussions and meetups with other passionate individuals. From there, we can take further steps to collaborate with each other and work on more solutions that are optimized for human flourishing- not addiction and manipulation.

Here’s a link to our FB group:

If you live in the Bay Area and you’re interested in joining, DM or send me an email at I’ll get you set up with onboarding and personally invite you to our community of F2F enthusiasts.

Time is gold.


Ferjohn Maglalang


I recently participated in a discussion through Civility and loved it. I’m not part of the team that built it, but I recommend it to anyone on this forum who lives in the Bay Area.

If people who don’t have Facebook accounts (like me) want to sign up you can do so through this link:

You can also message or email Ferjohn.


Civility - is a very interesting idea. It should increase well-being and happiness. It aligned with what I wrote about fixes to some issues with social networking services

entice users to connect in real world instead of enticing engagement on SNS [social networking services] >> more happiness

extract taken from here -

@ferj Are there any updates on Civility? How does it go?

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Hey Drabiv, thanks for sharing your thoughts. More power to you and your project as well!

Correct- we continuously update our community through our newsletter and Facebook group. As far as updates, we’re currently experiencing a bit of a problem within our FB group- Facebook recently deleted a discussion we were organizing, which was going to be about the recent Intelligence-Squared debate “Is Social Media Good for Democracy?” that included CHT founding advisor Roger McNamee.

It’s tough to organize in-person meetups around these critical topics when social media platforms won’t even let us have these discussions in the first place.

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If Facebook behavior in your FB group was intentional - this is immoral and illegal. Probably, this is a hiccap in their algorithms, but still it is suspicious!
Is there anything that can be done about this? Can we get to the root cause of FB deletion of your discussion?

I have also replied to this issue at this topic - Facebook banned my event called “Is Social Media Good for Democracy?” Probably, better to discuss it there.